South Coast Crime Writers was conceived to celebrate, promote and inform about crime writing, past and present, directly involving the south coast of England. There’s plenty of it.

America has American Noir, Scandinavia has Nordic Noir and Scotland has Tartan Noir. There’s Mediterranean Noir, Film Noir, Neo-Noir and even the wine industry has got in on things with Pinot Noir.  It’s time someone spoke up for the south coast. Our crime writing is as good as anywhere.

If the world wants noir, the south coast crime writers can deliver it by the body bag. Channel Noir (not to be confused with the French fragrance, which only has one ‘n’ and doesn’t smell half as good as an angry English Channel) is wading out of the shallows. (Think Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.)

Not all crime writing featuring the south coast counties of England is submerged in the dark waters of the noir genre. There are several sub-genres of crime writing represented here – something for every reader of crime fiction to enjoy.

To be included on this website, authors will need to have written a crime novel (or novels) set on the south coast of England and within view of the English Channel. The accepted geographical boundaries of the English Channel are Lands End in Cornwall to the west and Leathercoat Point at the north end of St Margaret’s Bay in Kent to the east.

Writers dead or alive, traditionally published and self-published will be included.

This site will take time and research to be the comprehensive, informative reference point that it aspires to be. If you would like to suggest an author for inclusion, please provide his/her full name and any other information you feel might be useful.

Channel Noir – splash it all over!

  1. Channel Noir – dig it, Don Tidy. Where do I sign?! :-{D>

  2. Ernest Sollis says:

    Margot Pardoe set some Bunkle books in Hampshire and Cornwall, Enid Blyton the famous 5 in Dorset/Devon and Alan Titchmarsh set one on the Isle of Wight. All very enjoyable.

    • olivertidy says:

      Hi Ernie, Great suggestions. Just what I’m looking for. Thanks very much. I’ll be getting on to updating the site with those in the coming days. Best wishes and while I’m here, happy Christmas to you and yours!

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