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Robert Goddard (1954 – )

Days Without Number (2003)

Valerie Keogh

The Devil Has Power (2015)

A quick Q&A with Valerie Keogh:

1) Do you have a personal connection to the south coast of England? If so please tell us about it.

I’m Irish but married an Englishman and we ended up living just outside Bath. One of our first holidays together was to Cornwall and I fell in love with it. We go back frequently. The Lost Gardens of Heligan has to be one of the most magic places I’ve ever been.

2) What motivated you to set your book, or series of books, with a south coast setting where you have?

My Nicola Connolly series starts in Bath but moves, in the second novel, to Falmouth where Nicola buys an apartment overlooking the sea. She loves it so much, she’d decided to stay there so future novels will have all, or part of the action, in Falmouth.

3) Do you have plans to write more books set on the south coast in this series or another?

Almost finished Book 3 of the Nicola Connolly series – she’s still living in Falmouth with the action moving to Tiddlywink in Wiltshire (only because I saw this place and just had to use it in a novel!) and to London. I love Nicola’s apartment in Falmouth so always bring her back ‘home’!

4) Do you have a place on the south coast that you are particularly fond of?

Falmouth! There’s something special about it or maybe it’s just that I’ve had such good times there.

5) Have you ever swum in the English Channel? If yes, please provide details. If not, why not?

No! I can swim half a width of a pool with a mix of doggy-paddle/ cat-panic!

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