Hampshire - click map to enlarge.

Hampshire – click map to enlarge.

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Graham Hurley (1946 – )

Faraday and Winter series – Location: Portsmouth

1) Turnstone (2000)

2) The Take (2001)

3) Angels Passing (2002)

4) Deadlight (2003)

5) Cut to Black (2004)

6) Blood and Honey (2006)

7) One Under (2007)

8) The Price of Darkness (2008)

9) No Lovelier Death (2009)

10) Beyond Reach (2010)

11) Borrowed Light ( 2010)

12) Happy Days (2012)

Back Story (2012) A companion to the above series.

Beyond Reach    

Pauline Rowson

DI Andy Horton series – Location: Portsmouth/Isle of Wight

1) Tide of Death (2006)

2) Deadly Waters (2007)

3) The Suffocating Sea (2008)

4) Dead Man’s Wharf (2009)

5) Blood on the Sand (2010)

6) Footsteps on the Shore (2011)

7) A Killing Coast (2012)

8) Death Lies Beneath (2012)

9) Undercurrent (2013)

10) Death Surge (2013)

11) Shroud of Evil (2014)

12) Fatal Catch (2015)


Art Marvik Mysteries – Location: Southampton/Isle of Wight

1) Silent Running (2015)

A quick Q & A with Pauline Rowson:

1) Do you have a personal connection to the south coast of England? If so please tell us about it.

When I’m not pounding the keyboard or plotting my crime novels I’m walking the coastal paths and by ways of Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight, the Solent area, and indeed the South Coast of England where I live looking for a good place to put a body!

2) What motivated you to set your book, or series of books, with a south coast setting?

The sea has always held a fascination for me, probably because I was raised in the coastal city of Portsmouth with its vibrant waterfront, its great contrasts of modern and historic, its diverse multicultural population, its international port, its historic dockyard, fishing fleet and  the home of the Royal Navy. Portsmouth Harbour is one of the busiest in the World and the Solent offers up every kind of sailing vessel you could wish for from giant container ships to ferries, naval ships to leisure craft, fishing boats and even a regular hovercraft service. Once the sea is in your blood it never leaves you and it seemed only natural for me to turn to it for inspiration for my crime novels.

3) Do you have plans to write more books set on the south coast in this series or another?

The second in the Art Marvik Marine based crime series, Dangerous Cargo is to be published by Severn House in May 2016 and I’ve also written a third in the series which I’m currently revising for publication in 2017.

I’m currently writing DI Andy Horton 13 and DI Andy Horton 14.

4) Do you have a place on the south coast that you are particularly fond of?

I particularly love the coastal paths on the beautiful Isle of Wight where some of my novels are set but equally I love the harbours of Chichester and Langstone and the vibrant waterfront of Portsmouth.

5) Have you ever swum in the English Channel?

No, I wouldn’t be able to hold my breath for that long or have the energy but put me on a large safe boat with DI Andy Horton or Art Marvik and I’ll happily sail or motor across it.

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