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Kent – Click on the map to enlarge.

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Russell Thorndike (1885 – 1972)

Doctor Syn Series – Romney Marsh

1) Doctor Syn – A Tale of Romney Marsh (1915)

2) Doctor Syn on the High Seas (1935)

3) Doctor Syn Returns (1936)

4) Further Adventures of Doctor Syn (1936)

5) Courageous Exploits of Doctor Syn (1938)

6) Amazing Quest of Doctor Syn (1939)

7) Shadow of Doctor Syn (1944)


Oliver Tidy (1963 – )

Romney and Marsh Files series – Location: Dover.

1) Rope Enough (2012)

2) Making a Killing (2012)

3) Joint Enterprise (2013)

4) A Dog’s Life (2014)

5) Particular Stupidities (2015)

6) Unhappy Families (2015)

7) A White-Knuckle Christmas (2016)


Booker and Cash series – Location: Romney Marsh.

1) Bad Sons (2014)

2) He Made Me (2015)

Three Short Blasts is a collection of three short stories. One is a Romney and Marsh File and one a Booker & Cash story

A quick Q&A with Oliver Tidy:

1) Do you have a personal connection to the south coast of England? If so please tell us about it.

I was born on Romney Marsh. I lived there for over forty years before trying life abroad. I still have a home and family there and I go back every summer for a holiday.

2) What motivated you to set your book, or series of books, with a south coast setting where you have?

Being born and bred on Romney Marsh I have a natural affinity and great familiarity with it. With the Booker & Cash books I wanted to utilise my knowledge and love of the place. There’s also a desire at work to promote Romney Marsh because I truly believe it’s a special location. I’d love to think that writing about it has encouraged others to take an interest in it, maybe even visit.

My Romney and Marsh Files series is set in Dover. I spent a lot of time in Dover over the course of a few years. I like the place. It’s got such a lot going for it. I thought it would make a great town to base a series of crime novels in. I still don’t think I was wrong.

Another motivating factor for setting two series on the Kent coast is that I think it’s been quite overlooked by writers as a locational resource, especially crime writers.

3) Do you have plans to write more books set on the south coast in this series or another?

I have plans to write more books in both series that are set on the south coast. I also have a few ideas for other stand-alone novels set on Romney Marsh and a screenplay that I want to write.

4) Do you have a place on the south coast that you are particularly fond of?

I have a particular fondness for Romney Marsh.

5) Have you ever swum in the English Channel? If yes, please provide details. If not, why not?

Yes! You can find me on Dymchurch beach nearly every day in the summer holidays. Now and again I can be persuaded into the water.


  1. Stella Byfield says:

    Love Oliver Tidy books

  2. Jim says:

    Check out Oliver Tidy books here. They are well worth a read.

    Before you ask, no, I don’t have any connection with Oliver Tidy other than really enjoying his books.


  3. Stella Byfield says:

    Love Oliver Tidy books, such a good writer

  4. Jim Skillern says:

    Any chance of the books being printed in hard copy

    Jim S

    • olivertidy says:

      Hi Jim
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      I often think about taking advantage of Amazon’s facility to get books printed on demand. I should, I suppose. I’m probably losing sales. But I have this vain hope that a publisher will come along and offer to do it all for me. I’ll probably give it another year and if no one is interested, I’ll put some time aside for organising it.
      Best wishes.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I live in New Romney and
    Ike Oliver I love this place!!! Enjoyed the first R&M book….time now to download the rest. Excellent.

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